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Coming in from out of town and need some chow? Here are some of our favorites from back when we lived in Stamford:

Tigin Irish Pub offers traditional Irish grub like fish and chips, shepherd's pie, and boxties. If that's not your idea of fine dining, then stop in for a pint and the nightlife - everything in the bar (including the bartenders) are straight from Ireland.


Sure, it's a dive, but their pizzas rock. Super thin with tasty toppings (hot oil, is a favorite), they go great with a cheap domestic bottled beer. Colony also does take-out.


If memory serves, Black Bear Saloon dances a little too close to a Frat/Sorority mixer at night, but it's a good spot to get lunch. They have some tasty sandwiches and the place is located in the heart of downtown.


Ok, so New Haven is way the hell out of the way, but hear me out--if you've got the time, (and I mean 45 minute drive coupled with an hour wait at the door), treat yourself to a pizza at the famous Pepe's.

There are loads of other restaurants all over the city too, along with plenty to keep you busy.

Want to see what all the cool kids are buying these days? Head over to the Stamford Town Center Mall!

Catch a quality flick over at the Avon Theater Film Center!

Take a drive to Norwalk and pet a seal at the Maritime Center! That's right, a seal!